On the surface VivCourt Trading might look like your average financial trading firm.  But you just have to scratch the surface (or chat to anyone who works there!) to know it most definitely is not.

VivCourt's founder, Rob Keldoulis, has taken the traditional corporate business model and flipped it on its head. He has challenged every aspect and come away with what he believes will evolve into the only sustainable corporate model of the future.

Unlike the traditional company structure of a financial institution, which sees CEO’s taking ridiculous rewards and focusing all efforts on keeping emotionally removed shareholders happy, VivCourt is different.  Rob has achieved this by removing the Shareholder layer altogether and replacing it with a charitable trust.

By flipping the thinking around, he has built a business that is centred on the employees, customers and charities. These are the VivCourt shareholders – which when you think about it logically should be THE only shareholders.  There’s an imbalance in the world that is spawned by the usual shareholder structure – where the top 100 CEO’s earn more than the poorest 1 billion people combined.

The obvious upside to the VivCourt model is that wealth can be generated with a social conscience.  It brings a sense of PURPOSE  to one of the most capitalistic and self-serving industries.  It provides its employees with a deeper satisfaction and a way for their job to advance them other than just purely financially.

The other leg of this model is the INTERNAL EFFECT.  By removing the shareholder layer,  you also remove the ‘fear factor’ of employment. There is no hounding by management to achieve certain results to simply appease shareholders.  This means that management is able to take a longer-term view, which frees them up to focus on the welfare of the employees.  Management becomes a tool for the employees, a partnership of equals to work alongside them as opposed to against them.


When it comes to the VivCourt corporate model, Rob was the innovator behind the business.  But in just over 7 years, VivCourt has grown to be supported by 100 inspiring and brilliant minds.

There is a talented mix of mathematicians, meditators, traders, butter-coffee drinkers, technologists, kitesurfers, analysts, runners & cyclists, pool & poker hustlers, monopoly players, rock climbers, tennis players, fitness fanatics, Star Wars fans, Buddhists, believers in the all and the nothing and of course magicians!

By employing the right people for the task to begin with, everyone is trusted and provided with the autonomy to just get on with it! Trust is a key driver. We have no employment contracts, just a handshake. We have no non-compete periods, no IP or confidentiality restrictions. We trust you as a human being to do the right thing and even if you don’t, that’s your concern not ours.

And because there is no real hierarchy – everyone feels supported and validated. It really is that simple here. By putting our faith in our people and encouraging them to succeed, they shine - and as a result so too does VivCourt.